civil conflict
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3 Trials and Tribulations Within the Hydrosocial Cycle

In 2008, South Korean firm Daewoo Logistics scandalously secured a 99-year lease for 1.3 million hectares in Madagascar, about half the country’s arable land, with the aim of growing 5 million tonnes of corn and 150,000 tonnes of palm oil annually for South Korean Industry and domestic consumer market. The deal, the largest of its kind in history, caused such an outcry that rallies held in the capital of Antananarivo devolved into violence that left over 100 people dead("Q&A: Madagascar in crisis," 2009). Within three months, the president who signed off on the deal was deposed from office. The day after the new government led by Andry Rajoelina was sworn in it called off the agreement with Daewoo as an affront to Madagascar’s constitution and an attempt to turn the impoverished, resource-rich island nation into a ‘South Korean colony’(Ryall & Pflanz, 2009).