The Amsterdam Institute of Advance Metropolitan Solutions is pleased to present our latest book, Under Pressure: Water and the City, by AMS Research Fellow Laurence Henriquez and our Scientific Director prof. dr. Arjan van Timmeren.

In it, they try to map the relationship between H2O and civilisation, past, present and future. From water’s fundamental importance to life and the means by which it has been metabolized by cities throughout history, to its intimate connection to the ongoing crises of our age (economic inequality, climate change, Middle East wars, unregulated global finance) and the (sometimes ancient) solutions for getting us out of the mess we are in. And, perhaps most importantly of all, they try to address the oftentimes ignored connection between water and power. Thankfully, although admittedly under distressing circumstances, it is these precise developments that have brought water back to the foreground of cultural consciousness.

All profits generated from the sale of this book will be used to send free copies to schools, water-related NGOs, and community initiatives in the Global South.

The book is available for purchase both in printed and digital (PDF) format. A special discount is applied when ordering additional copies of the printed book, according to the following scheme:

price / copy
up to 2
3 to 6
7 to 11
12 or more
* price excludes shipping costs (calculated upon checkout)